Cost of fresh wedding flowers?

Obviously, this is usually a question that has to be considered quite early on in the planning stage…

Bespoke Flowers:

We tend not to include price lists for our flowers, not to be vague or elusive but simply because every wedding or event is different. As we cater for all types of celebrations and budgets, we prefer to give an individual estimate based on the types of arrangements required. Because we understand that this is not overly helpful in your initial planning stages, we do have a list that can be emailed if you would like ‘ball park’ figures, please just ask.

As we make bespoke designs that are made especially for the individual, we can cater for all styles and all price ranges. We want to provide high quality designs to fit each individual wedding budget and so we provide estimates for each enquiry.

Amaryllis doesn’t believe that it should cost anymore just because it is a wedding, we’ve all heard the horror stories that brides feel as though the price triples as soon as the ‘W’ word is mentioned! Wedding flowers do usually carry a higher price tag but that is simply because we use a higher quality of flowers than you would normally have for say a birthday bouquet. Particular flowers in certain colour shades have to be pre ordered in which costs more, and it takes time to make intricate designs. Believe us when we say that it takes a lot more than 20 minutes to decorate a marquee or fill those ‘just picked from the garden’ jam jars!

We used to list the cost of flowers, labour and materials to expose the total breakdown of all costs but brides told us that they found it a little confusing and seemed to prefer to see an overall cost, so now we’ve reverted back to price each bouquet, buttonhole or arrangement individually. It’s simple though; if you want pearls and sparkles they will cost you extra-if you don’t, it won’t! Roses and orchids are going to cost you more than using gerbera.

This is why we really hate the ‘prices from…’ we really feel that it does not represent the service we offer. If your budget is £25 or £2500 that is great, we can accommodate everyone. We will also help you stick to your budget by advising which flowers will be in season, or perhaps suggest alternatives to ensure you have the look you had dreamed of. We like everything we make to look the best which normally means expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The best thing to do is email us or meet up and have a chat.

As long as we are content with the availability and quality of blooms, we are more than happy for you to provide your own home/locally grown flowers and foliage-and it makes us feel good to have carbon free footprints! There is no reason why we cannot use a mix of locally grown flowers and those shipped in from abroad if they are going to be high quality and available on time (this is the down fall though with our current unpredictable British climate). Many brides love the personal touch of having home grown sweet peas or foliage from Granny’s garden. If you can get your hands on some home grown lily of the valley, you can save a fortune!

Claire charges £20 per hour for the flower arranging and design service.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We realise that not everyone is quite as obsessed about flowers as we are and are not interested in spending hours and hours researching shades of roses! Whether you are planning a wedding with short notice, on a tight budget or perhaps it’s just that you don’t want to think about flowers that much, but would like something beautiful for the special couple. For fuss free loving couples we offer packages that take away all of the stress.

Please contact us for available packages.

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