Lawson Rudge Ceramics

Amaryllis has been honoured to work with Lawson Rudge over the past 4 years. His style is instantly recognisable and with every one of his creations we had on sale; we were always astounded by his obvious talent and often wicked sense of humour! We have also taken great delight in meeting fellow collectors of his ceramics who also love and admire his work.

Now that Lawson has retired from his work; we no longer have any of his ceramics for sale.

We have to say a huge thank you to Lawson for his continued support of Amaryllis. We were never in the same league as the large galleries, but were truly humbled that such a world renowned artist such as Lawson Rudge would chose to work with a small village gallery such as ours.

Thank you to all of our customers (many of whom have become friends) that have also appreciated Lawson’s works of art, and we hope that you will also continue to enjoy and cherish your ceramics for years to come.

The photo gallery shows just some of Lawson’s incredible pieces we have sold over the years in the Amaryllis Art Room.

Lawson Rudge Round Rabbit